Not all books are created equal. Some books are perfect made up of only text. Like a fine novel or non-fiction work. But some books, well, they have a bigger, more visual story to tell. They are full of visual treasures that tell a story that stimulates other parts of our minds. Holopad wants to evolve those books into the digital age by re-imagining how we can engage and interact with what was once a static printed book. Every element on every page of a Holopad App is interactive. Elements can be touched and interacted with. Books come to life in ways never before possible. Holopad works with publishers using the Holopad Publishing platform to quickly and cost effectively convert their visual books into compelling interactive apps. The next dimension of books has arrived - The Holopad.

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  • Scale & Rotate

    Tap or pinch any element to zoom in
  • Scrubbing

    Swipe up & down to fade between images
  • 360° Element

    Swipe side to side to turn characters & vehicles
  • Video

    Tap to play videos & artist interviews
  • 360° Environment

    Swipe in all directions to explore in 360°
  • 3D

    Swipe in all directions to view a holographic effect